Victoria Sunshine is lounging by the swimming pool, talking on the phone while her boyfriend Chad Rexx is swimming with their new pal, Bryce Beckett. Victoria tells her friend over the phone that she and Chad are getting along great with Bryce, and that she’s never seen Chad get along so well with a guy before. In fact, Victoria would love it if she and Chad could have a threesome with Bryce.

After Victoria ends the call, she gets into the pool to join the two men. Chad comments that Bryce has a nice, big dick, and that he’s sure Victoria would like to suck it. Sounds like Chad might like the idea of a threesome too! Victoria starts to give Bryce a blowjob, and as Chad watches, he starts to get so turned on that he wants to join in too, including having his own turn sucking on Bryce’s cock!

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