Sometimes in life you get to a split in the road and for whatever reason you take a different path. Here is the story of Dillon Diaz who just a year ago was as straight as a Kansas highway. Well somehow with the guidance of his sexually uninhibited and gay loving wife Marilyn Johson he has turned into quite the bisexual. Fearing that his wife’s penchant for constantly wanting different men to join their carnal exploits will brand them as ‘that’ couple he is getting a little worried. Can’t she tone it down. I mean really. He comes home to find she has turned their living room into a swinger’s paradise and has the man they met at the bar the other night on his way over. Another fly lured into her web. So when the young handsome bisexual stud Jesse Stone arrives how can Dillon say now. He is chiseled and that asshole did feel mighty tight when he rubbed it at the bar. Soon they are all rolling around kissing and rubbing genitals on the bed Marilyn has arranged. All holes are open game as the men fuck each other if they are not tapping Marilyn’s dripping wet cunny pie. Stacked on top of each other she is the queen of the bi room as she has lives her best life. Covered in cum and sweat the happy threesome are spent and lie back in the bed to relax and build up energy for the next round.

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