Gia Derza is lookin’ HOT in pink and ready to play in the Bubblegum Dungeon! She may look all cute and innocent with her many braids and bright smile, but all bets are off when she’s all tied up. She’s sooooo naughty that she admits that she looooves rough sex! Being bound, spanked, choked — it’s all good!

Gia DREAMS of being submissive to her partners… and having LOTS of orgasms. She wants to see nothing but stars! She wants to cum so many times that she’s challenged to have a whopping twenty orgasms during today’s playtime. Although this gorgeous girl is down to pound, she’s not sure she can even count that high while taking cock! Can someone get her a pen and paper to keep track??

Steve Holmes is more than happy to help Gia reach her lofty goal — he’ll definitely keep track. He has a FEW ideas running through his head that will surely satisfy Gia’s sweet tooth.

Gia is blissful beyond words when she finds herself tied up and face down on the sofa with Steve hovering behind her. When Steve starts them off by eating out her delicious pussy, they begin counting. Can they reach that mythical twenty orgasm goal??

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