Get ready for the conclusion to Siri Dahl’s four-part sexual stamina workout course!

In this final session, Siri closes things out with the most challenging workout yet.

Siri opens with some warm-up exercises to help you get your heart rate up, beginning with mountain climbers before guiding you through glute kickbacks, toe touches, and around-the-worlds.

With the warm-up complete, Siri begins the main workout, leading you through the banded hip bridge, resistance-band curl, and single-leg Romanian deadlifts.

Now that you’ve started to work up a nice sweat, Siri takes your workout to the next level with the bottoms-up press, a stability ball exercise, a sixty-second plank, and finally, to cap off the session, some full Turkish get-ups.

Now that the workout course is officially complete, Siri slides her clothes off – because there’s only one thing left to do: put everything you’ve learned to the test!!

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