Hey, man! Here’s the video footage you asked for from that ‘study’ we did a few weeks ago, heh. Thanks again for letting me join you as your student — it turned out way better than I ever could’ve imagined.

When that beautiful young lady came in to be a part of our volunteer study on using deep relaxation techniques for managing stress and bad habits, blah blah blah, I had NO IDEA what to expect. I honestly thought this session would be just as BORING as all the other ones. Boy, I’m glad I was wrong because this is definitely the start of something amazing.

I still can’t believe the secrets she shared with us. They were… shocking, to say the least. Shocking enough that it didn’t take much convincing to get her to do whatever we wanted in exchange for keeping quiet! I can’t believe how EASILY she caved, although that made it easier for everyone, didn’t it? I won’t forget any time soon how amazing it felt having her hot mouth on my dick or how wet her pussy was…

Anyway, I’m sure you know we can get into BIG trouble if this video ever gets out, so keep it between us.

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