Ariel Demure and Sinn Sage are in the midst of a blistering workout routine, side-by-side on two yoga mats. Their skin glistens with sweat and their hearts pound as they grin at each other, pushing their bodies to the limit. Their eyes can’t help but sneak peeks at each other’s curves as well, their luscious bodies barely hidden by their revealing yoga tights and scanty tank tops.

After the workout, they collapse into the same bed, their eyes locked in a heated gaze. They love these moments together- when the whole world seems to stop turning and it’s only them. Their fingers dance across each other’s skin, and their lips move closer until they are inches apart.

It seems they may deserve a little reward after such a hard workout… something that’s bound to cap off this lovely, intimate day with something unforgettable. They come together, locking into a passionate kiss and peeling their clothes off, ready for the sensual adventure that is to come. Though these two may be ‘in training’ when it comes to working out, there’s one thing for certain: when it comes to sex, they’re masters of the craft.

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