Skylar Snow is thinking of becoming a camgirl, but she needs help with setting up the recording equipment. She asks her stepbrother Seth Gamble to assist her, saying that he can even direct her. Seth is surprised by the request, but Skylar says this would mean a lot to her, so he agrees to help.

Some time later, Seth finishes setting up the equipment, and Skylar sits on the couch in sexy lingerie as she prepares to put on a show. Seth informs her that people in the online chat are already making requests, asking her to show her tits. Skylar teasingly squeezes her breasts and then removes her bra, and Seth says that now people in the chat are asking her to rub her nipples, which she gladly does. As more requests come in, Skylar rubs her pussy over her panties, then pulls her panties aside to give her audience a better view as she fingers herself.

One of her viewers then sends in a request for her to suck on a dick, so she asks Seth if she can suck on his! Seth is shocked, but Skylar says this could help her to become a huge success, so he agrees. Wow, what will the NEXT request be?

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