Jay Romero and his assistant Violet Starr are hard at work, getting ready for a big presentation they have to do for a client tomorrow. But then, much to Jay’s surprise, Violet lifts up her skirt and starts masturbating! Jay asks her what she’s doing, and Violet explains that it’s a nervous habit… she knows that tomorrow’s presentation is very important to Jay, so it’s making her anxious.

Jay is worried that Violet might start masturbating right in the middle of tomorrow’s presentation, so Violet suggests that he can help her work out that nervous energy by fucking her. Jay is turned on but still hesitant, so Violet pleads with him to help her, saying her pussy needs servicing. Jay wants to assist a lady in need, so does everything he can for her, including eating her out, fondling her breasts, fucking her sweet pussy, and of course fucking her amazing ass!

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