James Jamesson has popped in to give his dad a surprise visit. He hasn’t seen his pops in a while, and it turns out there’s a surprise waiting for James.


Upon entering his father’s house, he’s greeted by a beautiful young lady named Brittany Amber. Brittany explains that she and James’s dad have married, and she’s his new stepmom! James can’t believe his dad pulled such a hottie! He can tell by the way Brittany takes him in with her eyes that she needs a good, young cock inside her. James takes the liberty of seducing his father’s new wife. Brittany can’t resist his advances, and starts out by taking James’s large, swollen cock in her mouth. The sucking feels so good that James has to find out what fucking her is like. He takes her to a chair in the living room and pounds her like his dad will never be able to. Watch this first-time stepmom meeting become a white-hot sex romp, right in Dad’s own house!


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