Cady (Rocky Emerson) thinks she may have figured out the source of all the recent strange occurrences. As she ponders her next move, she suddenly hears a terrible scream coming from the bedroom. She nervously goes to investigate.

When Cady walks into the bedroom, all the lights are flickering. Something is clearly amiss. Sensing a mysterious presence in the room with her, Cady addresses Jamie Jane, telling Jamie that she knows where she has disappeared to…and how to bring her back. Cady goes on to explain that she has arranged a group chat with some of Jamie’s fans and has a plan.

Taking a deep breath, Cady enacts her plan. As Cady and Jamie’s fans work together, Jamie (Jessie Lee) suddenly materializes. Cady is stunned as she realizes that not only has Jamie returned, but her online presence has too!

Jamie is elated to be back and grateful to Cady for her help. Jamie decides to show her appreciation to Cady, and they come together for a hot kiss, their perfect bodies grinding against each other.

Looks like Jamie’s already making up for lost time!

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