Payton Hall loves her grandson, Ricky Spanish. Even though he’s only her grandson because he’s part of a step-family, she is still overwhelmed with love for him. In fact, she loves him beyond words, even though he doesn’t visit much anymore. Fortunately, she has a plan that will soon change all that…

On Ricky’s 19th birthday, they finally get the chance to chat via video call. Even though Payton is thrilled, Ricky seems distracted and eager to go. She knows he’s a young man that would rather be out there picking up girls or hanging out with friends, but she’s lonely and misses him. She NEEDS him, in more ways than one. That’s why, when he least expects it, she pops her breasts out over her shirt.

When she sees the shock on Ricky’s face, there’s something else there as well: lust. As she begins stripping down, Ricky’s eyes never leave the screen. With each caress of her body, she moans that it’d be so nice to see him more often… Right in front of his eyes, she takes out her toys and begins pleasing herself, keeping Ricky entranced the whole time. By the time she’s done with this call, he’ll never hesitate to visit ever again!

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