Nominated – Best POV Sex Scene: Alexis Fawx & Charles Dera, AVN 2020

You’re running up to your house, filled with excitement as you clutch a pair of plane tickets in your hands. When you surprise your beautiful wife, Alexis Fawx, with the trip, she’s thrilled. She’s been wanting to go away with you for ages now! To show her appreciation, she starts to tug you towards the bedroom, ensnaring you with her sultry gaze.

Your sexy plans are interrupted when there’s a loud knock on the door. Your wife cheerfully answers it, only to see a very stern police officer, Charles Dera, staring back at her.

Your heart pounds. The jig is up!

You run upstairs with your tail tucked between your legs, panic setting in. Your wife, innocent and unsuspecting, is trying to help Officer Dera find you, although that’s the last thing you want. Finally, they catch up with you in the bedroom closet and the truth comes out: you’re wanted for international fraud.

Your wife is shocked as Officer Dera manhandles you, handcuffing you while threatening to take you downtown to the station. She tries to come to your defense, insisting that Officer Dera has the wrong person. You’re too cowardly to tell her the truth, although she soon looks at the plane tickets for a moment too long.

Suddenly, it hits her — you were trying to flee the country, not go on a romantic getaway with her. She’s furious. How could you do this to her! It’s bad enough you got yourself in trouble, but you’ve mixed her up in this too, they might think she was an accomplice!

In a rage, Alexis tries to throttle you, but Officer Dera stops her. Look what you’ve turned your wife into! You try to apologize to her again, but there’s no undoing the damage that’s been done — she wants nothing to do with your sorry ass. In fact, no, she’s NOT going downtown with the cop because of you. Officer Dera is confused until she states that she will do whatever it takes to maintain her innocence – even take the cop’s cock right in front of you.

You were NOT expecting to hear that. You try to beg for forgiveness, but your wife is on the warpath. You’re just a pathetic, slimy, little shit. She wants the officer’s huge cock, not your pencil dick. The police officer tries to resist at first, trying to uphold the law, but your wife is passionate and assertive. It’s not long before your wife is undressing him while they both bombard you with insults. Officer Dera is a REAL man, a big strong bull with a huge dick and a backbone…

You’re made to watch as your wife goes down on her knees before the bull, sucking his dick with vigor. You try to look away, but she’s not having any of it, ordering you to watch everything unfold. There’s nothing you can do as your wife happily gets fucked, cuckolding you before your very eyes. She’s so brazen as to even get fucked while laying against you and bracing over you! She wants to make damn sure that you know that you’ll never get to enjoy her large breasts or sweet pussy again, you can only watch her pussy getting fucked from below her by a real man’s cock.

And you have no one else to blame but yourself.

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